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Right now you may be wondering...

“Why do I need to join the Fair Trade USA Producer Recognition Program? I am already certified by Fairtrade International. What’s going on?”

I’m Paul Rice, CEO of Fair Trade USA.

Since 1998, we have been working with producers to sell their harvests under Fair Trade terms at premium prices in the North American market.

Our #1 priority is creating strong selling conditions that pour profits back into communities like yours.

But times are changing. Our producer organizations have battled low international prices for years and the COVID-19 crisis is only worsening the problem.

So we spoke with our 1,400 buyers to find a solution. 

Here is what they told us:

“We want more information about who produces our coffee.”

“We want to know how Fair Trade premiums are being invested.” 

“We want to see the impact that Fair Trade money is having in communities.” 

– North American Fair Trade Coffee Buyers

That’s where Fair Trade USA’s Producer Recognition Program comes in. 

We’ve invested in the Producer Recognition Program to bring together an ecosystem of producers, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and supermarkets to create a more modern, transparent and efficient Fair Trade supply chain for all.

This new program is designed to give buyers and producers the visibility into their supply chains that they’ve been demanding. Through our digital platform, buyers and producers will be able to connect directly, do business together and help each other grow sales of Fair Trade Certified products in the United States.

Producer organizations like yours have been selling product in North America under our Fair Trade Certified seal, through our recognition of your FLOCERT certification. That will stay the same.

What changes is that all producers must now register directly with us to secure a North American Authorization to Trade under Fair Trade USA terms and receive the benefits of the Producer Recognition Program.

Register to continue using the Fair Trade Certified seal.

All you need today is a copy of your FLOCERT certificate. No extra audit necessary. Click here to get started.

Warm regards,

Paul Rice

Did You Know? Our Fair Trade Certified™ Seal is Already Helping You Sell More Coffee in the U.S. Market

If you are reading this page, your coffee is currently being sold in the U.S. market with our Fair Trade Certified™ seal. 

This is good news for you, because Fair Trade USA is the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in North America. Over 60% of U.S. consumers recognize the Fair Trade USA seal on packaging for major companies like Keurig Green Mountain, General Mills, Honest Tea, Wholesome Sweeteners, and Driscolls.

We are more committed than ever to growing your fair trade sales. That is why we are inviting you into a more direct partnership with us through the Producer Recognition Program. 

$130 Million

2019 financial impact to Producers


Ingredients We Certify

$740 Million

Our cumulative  financial impact since 1998


Countries We Work In

1,400+ Companies

selling Fair Trade Certified products in 2019

How This Program Helps You Sell More Coffee

Sign up for the Producer Recognition Program to:

Retain authorization to trade with our 1,400 registered buyers and counting

Market your co-op and coffee directly to U.S. buyers with a personalized profile on our digital platform

List specs of your available fair trade coffee for a large group of interested buyers

Increased visibility into the market and connectivity to North American buyers

Share YOUR story of the impact fair trade premiums have made in your community (so U.S. consumers see the value in buying fair trade)

Access marketing and sales training so you can build a stronger, more direct sales relationship with U.S. buyers

Reach a wider audience to raise funds for specific community projects

NOW LIVE: A Digital Platform to Drive Stronger Coffee Sales

Welcome to a new way to trade. The new Fair Trade USA digital platform bridges between players at every part of the supply chain so you can connect directly like never before. Over 150 producers are creating profiles to get in front of buyers right now. Do not miss out on creating yours.

You can create your profile today

  • Over 150 producers are creating detailed profiles to connect with buyers. Sign up today to create yours.

Inventory Listings: Your direct line to U.S. buyers

  • In a few short weeks, hundreds of interested buyers will start browsing available inventory listed by producers. Sign up today to add yours.

Rally support for specific fundraising projects

  • Showcase how much you want to raise so the entire fair trade community can help you reach your goals

Get a glimpse before you join

  • See what other producers are saying about the program and watch a quick preview video to see how easy the platform is to navigate.

WATCH: Paulo Cesar Lachira Inga from APROCASSI San Ignacio in Peru shares how the platform allows him to present his co-op to clients 

WATCH: Fabián Calderón Mora of CoopeTarrazú R.L in Costa Rica on how the platform lets him share impact like never before

WATCH: What to expect when you log in to the digital platform for the first time

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This is not a new audit or certification process.

Registration takes only 5 minutes.

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Within seven business days, you will receive your official Authorization to Trade document via email.

"At Fair Trade USA we are obsessed with impact. We believe that by bringing buyers into your world with the power of digital technology, we can accelerate your sales in the North American market."

- Paul Rice, Founder & CEO of Fair Trade USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join the Producer Recognition Program?


If you register and report your data each quarter (a quick online process) this program will never cost you anything.

We did not create this program to charge producers money.  In fact, we created it to help you make more money.

We do, however, need all producers to participate so that our buyers get the increased transparency they are asking for.

Registering will be required to retain your Authorization to Trade with our Fair Trade Certified™ seal.

Thankfully, registering is free and easy. You can do it right now with no interruption to your business. 

Why have I received letters urging me not to join?

When we launched this program, you might have heard that Fair Trade USA was breaking away from the fair trade movement. 

We are not leaving the fair trade movement. We are growing it.

We created the program to give our U.S. buyers what they want: a closer relationship with the people who make their coffee.

All you need to get started is a copy of your FLOCERT certificate. In the future we will ask you to upload your transaction data once per quarter. No new audits are necessary.

Do not worry: registering will not change your relationship with Fairtrade International. It will simply help you grow your sales in the U.S.

We are excited to open up the world of fair trade to you like never before!

Join The Producer Recognition Program Now

All you need is 5 minutes and a copy of your FLOCERT certificate.

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